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Musashi puts 30g of protein in a block of chocolate but also up to 577 calories

Musashi Protein Chocolate Block

Australia and New Zealand have a new functional item from Musashi in its many different stockists, from specialist retailers through to major supermarket chains. The product is named Protein Chocolate Block, and that essentially explains what it’s all about. It is a large block of chocolate that’s infused with a source of protein to give it more than your traditional block of chocolate, and it has less sugar at around 11g in a 120g block.

The protein count in an entire Musashi Protein Chocolate Block is 30g, coming from its use of protein milk chocolate and crispy soy protein pieces scattered throughout. While this does have a good amount of protein, it is worth understanding it’s not an overly lean product. You’re better off treating this as a better-for-you alternative to a regular block of chocolate which has about 9.6g of protein and 60g of sugar in 120g.

The other macros in Musashi’s 30g of protein in Protein Chocolate Block is an impressive 13g of carbohydrates, but it is the fat that sees the calories soar at roughly 43g in total, resulting in a calorie count as high as 577. There are variations due to there being three flavors available, hence us saying around and about rather than specific amounts and those flavors are Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate Crisp, and a sweet Honeycomb.

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