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myBrainCo in Australia combines MCTs and superior ioPea for a unique protein powder

Mybrainco Mct Protein

myBrainCo is an Australian supplement company that just came out with an all-new protein powder that’s very different from the traditional take on this type of product. The brand has introduced MCT Protein, and that name does describe a lot of what it’s about, as it does indeed feature high-quality MCTs sourced from coconuts, as well as a great source of protein, which is the key feature of the nutritious supplement.

MCT Protein from myBrainCo provides 20g of protein in a dry basis serving, which is something we’ve gone over in this post here, and that protein comes from innovative brown rice and ioPea protein. ioPea is pea protein enhanced with ingredient optimized technology to drastically improve absorption, by close to 300%. Alongside the protein, MCT Protein has 9.3g of fat, 4.8g of carbohydrates with 200mg of sugar, and 174 calories.

The nutrition profile of myBrainCo’s MCT Protein is more of a keto-friendly balance than a typical protein powder, making for a pretty unique supplement, especially with the superior bioavailability of ioPea. Again, myBrainCo is an Australian brand and you can purchase from it directly at, where it has bags of the ioPea and MCT nutrition product at $84.95 (56.70 USD) for a bag of 30 servings in Chocolate and Vanilla flavor.