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Nootropics Depot reveals one and gives clues for two other products arriving next Wednesday

Nootropics Depot Citrulline Capsules

Nootropics Depot, known for its incredibly extensive collection of mostly standalone supplements in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, doesn’t typically rest on its current selection. It frequently adds to its already massive catalog of products, and in a few days, it is doing that once again. The brand has revealed it is getting ready to release three more supplements, although the catch is, it’s not telling you what they all are.

For now, Nootropics Depot has only taken the covers off one of its upcoming products, and it is something it already has available but in unflavored powder. One of those three new supplements coming down the pipeline from the brand is Citrulline Capsules, with 650mg of pure pump-enhancing citrulline per capsule. To keep fans guessing and make things interesting, Nootropics Depot has shared clues for the other items.

Over on this page here, Nootropics Depot has a couple of paragraphs each relating to the two yet-to-be-revealed supplements arriving alongside Citrulline Capsules. Again, the clues certainly make things a bit more interesting; however, the wait for the availability of all three products isn’t that long, with the brand planning to drop the lot on Wednesday of next week.