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Capsule-format arginine and fenugreek join the extensive catalog of Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot Fenugreek And Arginine

Nootropics Depot is an online retailer and brand known for its incredibly extensive catalog of essential and standalone supplements that very few competitors on the market can rival. The company frequently adds to its selection and has done so this month with two more straightforward products, and like almost everything available from Nootropics Depot, they are named after their one and only ingredients.

The latest from the extensive brand, which has all sorts of basic supplements, not just those limited to the sports nutrition realm, is Fenugreek Capsules and L-Arginine Capsules. Nootropics Depot didn’t actually have a fenugreek product available previously, and with the release of the simply named Fenugreek Capsules, fans finally get that with half a gram of the testosterone-supporting ingredient in each capsule.

Nootropics Depot did already have arginine available; however, not in pill format, with L-Arginine Capsules having 750mg of the traditional ingredient in each of its capsules. The supplements can be purchased straight from the brand’s online store in two sizes for Fenugreek Capsules with a 60 count at $24.99 and a triple-sized 180-pill option for $59.99, then for L-Arginine Capsules there is just the one 360 count at $39.99.