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Post-apocalyptic brand Outbreak sounds like it’s getting for something big

Outbreak Nutrition Making Some Sort Of Return

Outbreak Nutrition has been around for many years, and it has put out some impressive, interesting, and well-formulated supplements throughout those years. Some of its standouts include the stimulant-powered pre-workout Pathogen, which was one of its earliest hits, the stackable, pump-powering stimulant-free pre-workout Serum, the glucose disposal agent Transmit, and the premium, Mediator phosphatidic acid-backed muscle builder and performance-supporting Build.

As well-known as Outbreak Nutrition is and the supplements it’s built its name on, in more recent years, it has been absent. The last update we shared from the brand came in the second half of 2020 with the relaunch of its genuinely effective gaming product, FPS, powered by NooLVL. It’s certainly been a while since we’ve heard something from Outbreak, although it looks like it is making an exciting and promising return based on the intriguing, vague, and mysterious posts it’s been sharing.

Over the past several weeks, Outbreak Nutrition has been putting up detailed post-apocalyptic graphics alongside pieces of a story describing or relating to the scene. This has always been the theme of the brand; however, these all appear to be linked to the uncovering or break out of something. The latest picture can be seen above, and it’s been shared with the words “First look at this Dawn compound.” and “I saw, theā€¦ changes I saw taking place on the Dawn while taking this was nothing short of terrifying.”

Outbreak Nutrition is certainly keeping things cryptic, but it definitely sounds like the absent brand is heating up; either that, or it’s just sharing some attractive graphics and pieces of a story to generally promote its brand. We’re stuck thinking it’s a resurgence or relaunch of some kind, but the tough part is the brand has always been vague and not overly descriptive. Communicating in story is what it’s always done, making things even more interesting, so we’ll wait to see if and how this develops.

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