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Panda and Apollon have cooked up an undoubtedly packed-out supplement collaboration

Panda And Apollon Announce A Collaboration

Panda Supplements is no stranger to collaborations, at least starting this year, as a few months back, it partnered with the original underground supplement company Black Market for a The hardcore Apollon Nutrition is another reputable brand familiar with partnering with others, getting together with ambassadors, reputable review channels like Review Bros and Fitness Deal News, and just recently, we put together a product with Apollon.

We’re bringing up Panda Supplements, Apollon Nutrition, and collaborations in the same post, as the supplement companies have dropped a bomb of an announcement today, confirming that they are coming together to create something. Panda and Apollon are currently getting ready to release a product in partnership with one another. We don’t have too much information on the project, only that it’ll involve traits and features the sports nutrition brands are known for.

We have to imagine the collaboration between Panda Supplements and Apollon Nutrition is going to be a pre-workout, purely because out of all of the inter-brand products we’ve seen, they’ve all been pre-workouts. Regardless of whatever the supplement from Panda and Apollon turns out to be, we’re excited to see the kind of formula the two reputable names have crafted. More details on the product will be along shortly, with the availability of the partnership not too far behind.

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