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Stack3d partners with Apollon and Chris Waldrum for a special edition flavor of Lionheart

Apollon Nutrition X Stack3d Lionheart

We’ve done a few collaborations with brands over the years, and here to kick off 2023 is one of our most exciting to date as it involves more than the company behind the supplement. Following its victory in 2022, where it took home our prestigious Brand Of The Year award, we’ve come together with Apollon Nutrition for a special edition flavor of our favorite pre-workout in its lineup in Lionheart.

Lionheart came to market last year during the 12 months that earned Apollon Nutrition the Brand Of The Year title, and it delivers an incredibly enjoyable blend of energy, focus, and unforgettable performance. When Apollon asked if we were interested in a flavor collaboration, Lionheart was our immediate answer, and the flavor we crafted for the product is Passion Fruit Pineapple Strawberry.

The fruity recipe does an incredible job at hitting all of the tastes in its name, maybe slightly more passion fruit and pineapple, but it is most certainly a flavor you’ll enjoy. As mentioned, this is a collaboration involving more than Stack3d and Apollon, as the label wrapped around the special edition pre-workout has been created by industry veteran Chris Waldrum of Inspired.

While we are unveiling our Passion Fruit Pineapple Strawberry Lionheart today, it won’t be making it to market for another few weeks, although we will be sharing an update on when and where it’ll be available as we approach that time. Being a collaboration, Apollon Nutrition is only producing a limited number of tubs, so when it does launch, consumers and retailers will want to move quickly.