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Performix drops a more cost-effective protein featuring a blend of whey isolate and concentrate

Performix Whey Protein

Performix has released an all-new protein powder featuring a more traditional formula compared to its original, superior, and advanced competitor in the category, ioWhey, enhanced with premium ingredient optimized whey isolate. The SST creator’s latest effort is straightforwardly titled Whey Protein, and instead of bioavailability-enhanced ioWhey, it relies on a common blend of whey isolate and concentrate.

Performix’s all-new Whey Protein provides 24g of protein per serving, as mentioned, from a combination of faster-digesting whey isolate and whey concentrate, and there is more of the former than the latter contributing to that 24g of protein. The carbohydrates are within reason at 4g in the Vanilla flavor and half that at 2g in the delicious Chocolate with no sugar, alongside a light one gram of fat and a calorie count of 110.

Whey Protein is available first directly through Performix’s online store as well as the online retail giant Amazon. Both places sell tubs of 30 servings at a regular price $39.99, although for a limited time, there is a substantial deal at Amazon, making it worth shopping there instead of The offer is 25% off, bringing the supplement down by a good amount from $39.99 to $30, which is quite competitive for a protein powder