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Pharmafreak to introduce three new innovations exclusively at the Stack3d Expo

Pharmafreak Revealing Gold Edition At Stack3d Expo

Last week we announced the return of the Stack3d Supplement Expo here in 2023, which will be the eighth time we’ve hosted the always-enjoyable and online-exclusive event. We do our best to ensure it is a week of excitement, innovation, developments, reveals, and releases, and following the news of the 2023 edition of the Stack3d Expo and its dates, the digital convention is already 75% booked out, with brands of all sizes attending.

As mentioned, a vital part of the Stack3d Supplement Expo is innovation, where we encourage and reward exhibitors that go big and debut exciting products, make significant announcements, and drop creative items. PharmaFreak has not only confirmed its attendance at the upcoming Stack3d Expo but also revealed it’ll be rolling out its all-new Gold Series at the event, which we have a lot more information on compared to three weeks ago.

Pharmafreak recently teased a Gold Edition supplement by way of Test Freak Gold Edition, some sort of spin-off of its original testosterone booster. The brand has passed on the image above, featuring the same Test Freak Gold Edition alongside two other yet-to-be-revealed Gold Edition products. The only other detail we have for those teased items is that, like Test Freak, they’ll be premium versions of legacy Pharmafreak supplements.

As mentioned, Pharmafreak is planning to completely unveil its intriguing and undoubtedly advanced Gold Edition collection of products at the 2023 Stack3d Supplement Expo, beginning the total of innovations visitors will be introduced at the event at three. We look forward to seeing what the brand has done to its well-established supplements for their Gold Editions, with, of course, more excitement to come at the 8th annual Stack3d Expo.