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Blood orange flavor Mykonos Sunset carries ProBrands’ Vacay Edition into its 4th year

Probrands Vacay Edition Mykonos Sunset

Every year for the past three years, and around this time, ProBrands in Sweden has launched one or two limited flavors of its signature energy drink under the series, Vacay Edition. It all started with Paradise Twist and Pink Lemonade in 2020, then we got the uniquely named Palma Beach and Rio de Janeiro, and last year, the brand dropped to just the one Vacay Edition effort with the citrusy Sicily Limonata.

As mentioned, it is that time of the year again, and as expected, ProBrands has crafted another summery recipe for its BCAA-infused energy drink packing 105mg of caffeine for energy and 1.5g of BCAAs. The flavor the Swedish functional company has created for 2023, its fourth year of limited-time Vacay Edition releases, is Mykonos Sunset, named after the famous Greek island and its picturesque sunset.

ProBrands has thankfully provided a description of what exactly its fourth annual and sixth overall Vacay Edition product tastes like with Mykonos Sunset. The beverage features a Blood Orange taste, and, of course, the functional drink’s usual key features of 105mg of caffeine, 1.5g of BCAAs, no sugar, and just ten calories a can.

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