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ProBrands rolls out vitamin enriched fruit-flavored water just in time for summer

Probrands Vitamin Water

Functional food and beverage company ProBrands, in Sweden, has launched a refreshing drink in the lead-up to summer, and it tells you what it’s all about in its name with Vitamin Water. The product does indeed bring together a variety of general health supporting vitamins and minerals, that change slightly in each flavor including the likes of vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, and a selection of B vitamins, such as folic acid and biotin.

ProBrands Vitamin Water is essentially a flavored water beverage to have while you’re on the move, plus the bonus benefits coming from the vitamins and minerals. Despite being the functional brand that it is, the macros in the beverage aren’t all that low and are worth knowing about. There is absolutely no protein or fat in Vitamin Water but a fair amount of carbohydrates at 27g, all of that sugar, and a calorie count of 111.

The latest functional drink from ProBrands is already making the rounds at retailers in Sweden as well as surrounding markets, with three sweet and refreshing flavors showing up on shelves in Lemonade, Pear Peach, and Raspberry.