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Plant-powered protein from Raw is finally getting a flavor that’s not so traditional

Raw Nutrition Acai Bowl Vegan Protein

Raw Nutrition has a straightforward selection of supplements in the highly competitive and saturated world of protein powder with two whey isolate formulas in Raw Whey and the CBUM Series Itholate, and then you have the plant-based Vegan Protein. Both have a fair amount of flavors to choose from; in fact, they all have four, including Vegan Protein with all the classics in Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Cookies and Cream.

While the menu of Raw Nutrition’s Vegan Protein is as traditional as it comes at the moment, the busy brand has announced another addition to its menu, and this time, fans are getting something outside of the norm in Acai Bowl. The product will have all of the goodness of Vegan Protein with 20g of plant-powered protein and around 110 calories alongside the sweet taste of acai, and it’s hitting Raw’s online store at the end of the week.