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Real Good asks fans to pick the next two flavors of its protein-packed breaded chicken

Real Good Foods Fan Voted Breaded Chicken

The functional and healthy food innovator Real Good Foods introduced an absolutely genius and delicious product last year in Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Strips, which brings a high-protein twist to the classic foods. The brand brings together bite-sized pieces of chicken that are breaded in whey protein and chickpea flour. The result is a 4oz serving of chicken nuggets with 23g of protein, 3g of net carbohydrates, and 170 calories.

Real Good Foods continued down the chicken track following the debut of its Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Strips, launching bite-sized General Tso’s and Orange Chicken, and now it’s about to go a step further but all thanks to its fans. Instead of keeping the creativity internal, the brand asked its followers what flavors they’d like to see of this sort of product, and in turn, it built quite the list but has trimmed it down to the top four.

Real Good Foods is asking all of its fans what two of the four delicious and nutritious flavors of lightly breaded chicken they’d like to see, and the options are all pretty good. There is Jamaican Jerk Style Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Tikka Masala Chicken, and Korean BBQ Inspired Chicken. They all pack high-protein nutrition profiles, similar to the nuggets, strips, General Tso’s, and Orange Chicken, with 24g a serving in Tikka Masala.

To get your votes in and have your say, there is a post on the Real Good Foods Instagram page, where you can simply throw your picks in the comment section. Whatever two end up being selected, the brand is saying you’ll be seeing them in stores as quickly as within the next month or two.