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Switch welcomes two new tastes to its plant protein bar in Rocky Road and Cookies

Rocky Road And Cookies Snack Switch

Reputable Australian brand Switch Nutrition launched its first entry into the functional food category a little over two years ago with Snack Switch. The all-natural wholefood bar is powered by plant protein, with most flavors containing 20g of protein. In the two years since Snack Switch’s launch, the brand has slowly been expanding the flavor lineup, and today it has announced not one but two new flavors.

The two new additions to the Snack Switch menu are Rocky Road and the classic combination, Cookies and Cream. Switch Nutrition has described the Rocky Road as the perfect blend of chocolate, peanuts, berries, gummies, and marshmallows. As for the other option, Cookies and Cream, Switch has blended cookie pieces mixed with white and dark chocolate to bring a well-balanced cookie and cream experience.

Both of the new Snack Switch flavors contain similar macros, with the Rocky Road coming in slightly higher in calories at 205 alongside 20g of protein, and Cookies and Cream sits at 223 calories and 19.1g of protein. Both flavors are available to purchase directly from Switch Nutrition’s website with a single bar costing $4.95 (3.30 USD), or you can grab a box of 12 which works out to the same value at $59.40 (39.60 USD)