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Scitron’s multivitamin-foritied protein adds a mango flavor and second chocolate option

Scitron Double Chocolate Advanced Whey Protein

Scitron is a widely available sports nutrition brand out of India, and it covers a variety of popular categories, such as pre-workout, muscle building, nutrition, and some more basic things like multivitamins and fish oil. One of the many protein-based supplements it has available is Advanced Whey Protein, which gets the “advanced” part of its name as it combines a blend of whey sources with a selection of vitamins and minerals.

Advanced Whey Protein is indeed an advanced product from Scitron, although up until this month, it didn’t have too many flavors to choose from, in three; Milk Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, and Kulfi based on the traditional Indian dessert of the same name. The brand has gone and almost doubled that selection here in May, adding two more tastes to its menu in a second chocolate recipe with Double Rich Chocolate and a fruity Mango Delight.

Scitron’s Double Rich Chocolate and Mango Delight come with all of the same highlights as the other flavors of Advanced Whey Protein with 25g of protein a serving from whey isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate, low carbohydrates and fat, and around 132 calories. It also has the vitamin and mineral addon made up of 20 different vitamins and minerals, and the flavor extensions are out now in India, including through the brand’s website.

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