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Gorilla Mind Energy is getting a sweet Strawberry flavor three weeks after its debut

Strawberry Candy Gorilla Mind Energy

Gorilla Mind is continuing the momentum behind its recently released Gorilla Mind Energy and its impressive, efficacious formula, announcing that another flavor is right around the corner, despite the product only launching about two weeks ago. The reputable sports nutrition brand did say it would add an all-new flavor every month for the next year following the debut of the energy drink, and it seems that is still the plan.

The Gorilla Mind Energy drink hit the market in four flavors, all with no sugar and minimal calories, in Orange Rush, Exotic Kiwi, Black Cherry Vanilla, and Arctic White. The brand actually sold through all stock of Arctic White in just over a week, with the other three still very much available. The brand has announced that in a few days, on Friday of next week, it is introducing a sweet Strawberry Candy Gorilla Mind Energy.

Strawberry is one of our favorite flavors when it comes to supplements and energy drinks, but it is a rarity, especially in carbonated beverages, although Monster did release a solid and enjoyable effort earlier this year in Ultra Strawberry Dreams. Once again, Gorilla Mind is dropping its undoubtedly tasty, energy and focus-fueling Strawberry Candy energy drink on Monday of next week through its website at $34.99 a case.