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Strom and Combat Fuel are releasing some sort of collaboration at this year’s Fit Xpo

Strom Sports And Combat Fuel Tease Their Collaboration

Authentic flavor and ambassador collaborations have become common in the sports nutrition industry, although another type of partnership is picking up speed with inter-brand collaborations. This is where two companies within the supplement market put together a special edition product or flavor, first done by Black Market, which has teamed up with American Metabolix, Panda, and the reputable Brand Of The Year winning Inspired.

Strom Sports looks like it is about to make that increasingly popular move with a fellow UK-based brand in Combat Fuel. Strom has shared a picture of part of a supplement featuring the logos of both companies, with the title Unicorn Pi55 and, of course, a unicorn pissing on the product itself. It’s very clear the two sports nutrition brands — Strom Sports and Combat Fuel — have partnered to create the intriguing Unicorn Pi55 supplement.

We have absolutely no idea what Strom Sports and Combat Fuel have come together to create, whether it’s a special edition flavor of something one of them already has on the market or an entirely new product they’ve jointly crafted. Whatever it turns out to be, both brands have a strong reputation in the UK and the ability to produce effective supplements, and we look forward to the reveal, which is happening soon as the intriguing drop is going to be available at the Fit Xpo in two weeks.

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