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The Supplement Review puts exclusive flavors from Strom in its February sample mailout

Strom Sports X The Supplement Review Sampler

Fans of Strom Sports interested in trying something completely new and seemingly different, will be pleased to learn the sports nutrition specialist has teamed up with The Supplement Review, also out of the UK, and its monthly sample subscription service. This is where you pay a small £6.99 (8.84 USD) to support the channel as well as gain access to giveaways, new merchandise, various discount codes, and a sports nutrition mailout consisting of a bunch of samples and this month, it involves Strom Sports.

The Supplement Review and Strom Sports have crafted special edition flavors of the stimulant-powered pre-workout Stimumax Extreme and the premium protein powder VelosiWhey-enhanced with Velositol. For Stimumax Extreme the flavor is called Mystery Flavor, with absolutely no clues as to what you’re getting into, only that it’ll have the product’s potent blend of caffeine, kigelia, NALT, and juglans regia. As for the VelosiWhey protein powder, the flavor is also quite vague, described as forbidden and wild.

Again, the only way to get these is through The Supplement Review’s subscription service, which those of you in the UK can sign up for by heading over to and tapping the subscribe button in the menu. We have confirmed you don’t need to have signed up before February to receive the sample pack with Mystery Flavor Stimumax and the Wild VelosiWhey; just be sure to get in and do it sometime within the next four weeks, and look forward to seeing the samples in your mailbox.