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Jordan Peters designs a couple of supplements specifically for man’s best friend

Trained By Jp Nutrition Pet Supplements

There are a few sports nutrition companies out there that have ventured beyond the target market of humans and put together supplements to support the health and wellness of pets. Bowmar Nutrition is one of the first to come to mind, and now Jordan Peters’ ever-expanding brand in the UK has gone and done the same. Going live this week from Trained JP is TBJPet, a set of two products specifically designed for man’s best friend.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s two TBJPet supplements, include Settle, to help your dog relax, unwind, and rest, and Agility, which is a joint formulation to support mobility, comfort, and, of course, agility. The active ingredients the brand has thrown into Settle are magnesium, theanine, and valerian root, with Agility featuring premium C3 curcumin. The products come in chewable tablet format and contain green-lipped mussel for an attractive smell and taste.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s pet-specific supplements are available alongside all of its human-suited items through its online store at, and they’re priced exactly the same at £11.99 (15.09 USD). They also have 60 single-serving tablets, so each bottle will be enough to last you two months.