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Influencer Vaughn Walker puts 10g of protein in his delicious crispy snack

Vaughns Treats

The world of functional food seamlessly bleeds into sports nutrition, primarily due to the fact many brands from the supplement side frequently put together protein snacks and better-for-you treats. In this post, we’ve got a fresh new functional company that has connections to sports nutrition, as it’s from fitness influencer Vaughn Walker, an ambassador of Raw Nutrition, Revive, and the apparel brand Young LA.

Vaughn Walker recently debuted his very own functional food brand Vaughn’s Treats, with a crispy and crunchy flagship product in two tasty flavors; Original Marshmallow and Fruity Cereal. There was a lot of hype and build-up to the launch of the protein snack, so much so that Vaughn’s Treat’s first items are already well and truly sold out, and a restock was already confirmed to be in the works the day everything went live.

Vaughns Treats 1

Basically, for those that like the look and sound of Vaughn Walker’s moderately high protein bar, when it makes its return next month, you’ll want to get in there as soon as possible as there is a good chance it comes and goes again. If you visit the official online store for Vaughn’s Treats currently, you’ll find it is closed and password protected in preparation for the restock, although we do have all of its important details to share.

To prepare you for the second release of Vaughn’s Treats and its crispy and crunchy bar, we have its nutrition profile, which is far from your typical protein bar at 20g of protein and around 200 to 220 calories. The product from Vaughn Walker goes half at 10g of protein a bar with a hefty 35g of carbohydrates, a little under half of that sugar at 16g, 4g of fat, and a calorie count of 200, making it more of a protein treat than a balanced source of nutrition.

As far as we know, Vaughn Walker’s Vaughn’s Treat will be restocking its mid-range protein snack in the same two flavors with the sweet Original Marshmallow and the cereal-themed Fruity Cereal. The price of the crispy functional food is $29.99 for a box of a dozen bars, putting it in the same sort of range as most protein bars and delicious better-for-you treats.