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Metabolic rolls out its crumbly collagen-infused protein snack in all four flavors

Where To Buy Metabolic Nutrition Crumbly Protein Bar

Metabolic Nutrition’s all-new Crumbly Protein Bar has gone live on its website, where you can now purchase boxes of the indeed crumbly protein snack at $39.99 for 12 or $3.50 for a single. As previously confirmed, there are four different flavors for the more brownie-like functional food, including the traditional Chocolate Chip, another chocolate option in Double Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, and lastly, Lemon Blueberry.

The essential details we didn’t know before that we now have our hands on, thanks to the availability of Metabolic Nutrition’s Crumbly Protein Bar, are its macros, as previously all we knew was its protein count at a solid 20g. The other nutrition numbers alongside that are 27 to 28g of carbohydrates with 7 to 9g of that sugar and 4g fiber, 10 to 11g of fat, and some fairly high calories compared to your typical protein bar at 278 to 287.

Metabolic Nutrition’s first-ever protein snack, or any sort of functional food for that matter, is similar to the many collagen-based brownies we’ve seen hitting the market lately from the likes of Redcon1, Bowmar Nutrition, and AP Sports Regimen. The Crumbly Protein Bar does actually get some of its protein from Collagen, but the majority from whey concentrate, and again, it is available now from the brand’s website in boxes and individually.