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Strawberry Candy arrives as two more flavors of Gorilla Mind Energy sell out

Where To Buy Strawberry Candy Gorilla Mind Energy

The recently revealed fifth flavor of Gorilla Mind’s successful Gorilla Mind Energy, Strawberry Candy, has gone live in its online store, which is still the only place you can purchase the well-formulated energy drink. The flavor extension couldn’t have come at a better time, as a couple of weeks ago, we posted that nine days after the energy and focus-enhancing beverage became available, it sold out of one of its four flavors in Arctic White.

Gorilla Mind Energy has still not been on the market for even a month, at just three weeks old, and following the sold-out status of Arctic White, two of the other flavors are now gone in Exotic Kiwi and Black Cherry Vanilla, leaving the citrusy Orange Rush. As mentioned, the arrival of the fifth flavor of Gorilla Mind’s energy drink couldn’t have come at a better time, currently giving you two tastes to choose from until they sell out or get a restock.

It doesn’t sound like the Orange Rush Gorilla Mind Energy will be around for much longer, then we have to imagine Strawberry Candy, despite launching today, will be close behind. The reason we’re saying Strawberry Candy won’t hang around is because, very soon, it’ll be the only one there. If it took three weeks for three flavors to sell out, that’s enough orders to go through an option a week, so again, don’t be surprised if flavor number five quickly joins the Arctic White, Exotic Kiwi, and Black Cherry Vanilla.