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Delicious Pandy Protein Bar gets its first new flavor in about three years

White Chocolate Almonds Pandy Protein Bar

The appropriately titled Pandy Candy Bar is still ranked one of our top five protein bars on the market due to how on-point its sweetness and softness are, and it does that in each of its flavors. The innovative Swedish functional company has almost all of its original flavors of the product available in Nougat Hazelnut and Caramel Sea Salt, with Strawberry White Chocolate no longer there, although there is another one in its place with the 2020-released Chocolate Creamy Milk.

Tomorrow, the delicious and convenient Protein Candy Bar, now more commonly referred to simply as the Pandy Protein Bar, is welcoming another flavor to its menu, the first extension of the product in three years. Joining the menu is a classic flavor combination in White Chocolate and Almonds, providing a solid 12g of protein with only a gram of sugar and around 120 to 130 calories. Again, the product is going live in less than 24 hours through the brand’s website at €29.24 for a box of 18.

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