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Xtremis Cartel’s version of Bomba has over twice the EAAs plus VitaCherry, Senactiv and more

Xtremis Cartel Bomba

Next week, ASC Supplements is officially being reborn as Xtremis Cartel, bringing a new name to the reputable brand, a slightly different look but the same reliable and effective approach to its various sports nutrition products. Included in that transition will be some supplements fans of ASC are already familiar with and some completely new items, one of which was recently revealed in the glycerol-based Sicario Swole.

Xtremis Cartel has now taken the covers off another one of the products it plans on having available when it makes the move from ASC Supplements, and unlike Sicario Swole, this is a continuation of something it already has on the market. Bomba is ASC’s premium amino cocktail, rolling together EAAs, PeakO2, Spectra, coconut, water, and taurine, and it will be a part of Xtremis, although with a slightly different set of ingredients.

Xtremis Cartel Bomba Label

The purpose of Bomba under Xtremis Cartel is much the same as it is with ASC Supplements, as its main feature is still very much all nine EAAs for muscle recovery, but at a much higher amount of 15.6g in a maximum serving. We’ve got the complete facts panel above, where you can see the brand has several other components, including premium electrolytes for hydration, a hefty 2g of taurine, performance-powering Senactiv at a full 50mg, and 500mg of VitaCherry tart cherry for even more recovery support.

Xtremis Cartel is expected to be a continuation of the quality formulas we’ve come to expect from ASC Supplements, but looking at the version of Bomba it’ll have, it certainly looks like it is stepping up on the formula side. There will be 20 maximum servings in Xtremis’ Bomba, while ASC’s had 30; however, it has squeezed more into the product, and now we can’t help but look forward to the other supplements it’s planning to refresh.