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Apollon gives its gaming supplement Universal Soldier an Ice Pop flavor for 4th Of July

Apollon Nutrition Ice Pop Universal Soldier

Like many other sports nutrition brands, Apollon Nutrition has put together a special edition product specifically for Independence Day, and it’s been themed around the occasion, from colors through to taste and name. The hardcore supplement company and two-time winner of our prestigious Brand Of The Year Award has crafted a taste called Ice Pop, based on the iconic red, white, and blue popsicle, Bomb Pop, which is traditionally a taste combination of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry.

As for the product Apollon Nutrition has produced the flavor for, it’s Universal Soldier, a gamer’s alternative to the brand’s reputable nootropic Overtime, but still featuring plenty of impressive highlights such as 3g of tyrosine, a full 1.6g of the gaming-specific NooLVL, and a combined 225mg of caffeine. The brand is planning to make the supplement available for purchase through its online store this Friday, where tubs of 20 energy, focus, and cognition-enhancing servings cost $64.95.

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