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Sweet passionfruit and smooth vanilla collide in Body Attack’s 2023 summer protein powder

Body Attack Passionfruit Vanilla Ice Power Protein 90

It was precisely around this time last year the popular German supplement company Body Attack joined in on the fun of the sunny summer season and dropped a special edition flavor for its flagship protein powder, Power Protein 90. For those that need a bit of a reminder, the limited-time taste the brand put together was Mango Lassi, inspired by the classic mango, yogurt, milk, and cardamom smoothie of the same name.

With summer kicking off once again, Body Attack is back, and you could probably guess what we mean by that. The sports nutrition competitor has crafted itself another summery flavor for its signature protein powder, and while it’s quite a bit different from 2022’s Mango Lassi, it is as refreshing and fruity. Joining the brand’s catalog for the sunny season in 2023 is Passionfruit Vanilla Ice, blending sweet passionfruit and smooth vanilla.

Body Attack’s limited edition Passionfruit Vanilla Ice Power Protein 90 has all of its usual highlights and lean macros, providing 23.8g of protein in a 30g serving, 1.6g of carbohydrates, under a gram of fat, and 111 calories. The product is out now in the brand’s home country of Germany, and remember, it is a temporary taste, and it’s only going to be around for summer.