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Bulk continues to create more ways to get extra protein into your diet with Protein Cereal Flakes

Bulk Protein Cereal Flakes

Bulk is incredibly creative when it comes to functional foods; over the years, it’s put together some pretty intriguing products, all in the name of helping you get more protein into your diet. Just recently, the UK-based brand introduced Vegan Pea Protein Mince, which is a product made of plant-based pea isolate for protein and pea flour for you to quickly turn into a protein-packed meal similar to ground beef, also known as mince.

Bulk has another high-protein innovation to share, and similar to Vegan Pea Protein Mince, it’s designed to be turned into a familiar food or meal. The product is Protein Cereal Flakes, and it is the UK company’s take on the classic flake-style breakfast cereal, but of course, it’s got a lot more protein. A moderate 40g serving of the food has 12g of protein, 16g of carbohydrates, only 1.5g of that sugar, under a gram of fat, and 134 calories.

Protein Cereal Flakes is made from a simple set of ingredients with soy grits, whole wheat flour, and wheat bran, which explains the carbohydrates being a bit higher than the protein. Bulk directs fans to serve it up like cereal in a bowl of milk or use it as a clean protein and carbohydrate source by throwing in a shake or smoothie. You can pick it up at, and it’s not that expensive, coming in at £9.99 (12.44 USD) for a half-kilogram bag.

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