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God Of Rage Unchained is the beginning of a complete rebrand at Centurion Labz

Centurion Labz Teases Rebrand Follow God Of Rage Unchained

Something fans and followers of the reputable sports nutrition brand Centurion Labz may have noticed in its latest supplement, the pre-workout God Of Rage Unchained, is the look and feel are not quite the same as what we’ve seen from it in the past. The company has put a large amount of effort into bringing a different level of branding and representation on God Of Rage, with an eye-catching design that’s more graphic-driven than any of its past efforts, and the graphics are high-end.

As you might have expected after seeing the step up in label design on the intense pre-workout God Of Rage Unchained, Centurion Labz has confirmed this is just the beginning. The unmissable look seen on the still-young supplement is a sign of things to come, as the rest of the brand’s lineup is set to follow suit. Centurion will be rebranding many of its other sports nutrition products, and by the sounds of things, they may also come with a refreshed formula, which was the case with God Of Rage.

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