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Juvee brings back its Dead Island 2 collaboration as an ongoing flavor named Cherry Slushie

Cherry Slushie Juvee Energy Drink

Nadeshot’s energy drink Juvee released a special edition flavor a couple of months back that was put together in partnership with the zombie-killing video game Dead Island 2. The brand gave the flavor, and its sweet cherry taste a fitting name with Slayer Slushie. Like many collaborations, the product from Juvee and Dead Island 2 was only intended to be around for a limited time, although two months later, there is an intriguing twist to the story.

The flavor of Juvee and Dead Island 2’s Slayer Slushie is actually going to live on as a permanent option on the menu of the beverage brand’s energy drink, alongside its other ongoing entries; Kiwi Strawberry, Tropical Crush, Watermelon Lime, and Blue Raspberry. Juvee has resurrected, rebranded, and renamed Slayer Slushie as Cherry Slushie, featuring a dripping red and cherry-filled can design that has the same cherry taste on the inside.

Juvee is officially relaunching its Slayer Slushie or newly named Cherry Slushie energy drink this coming Monday, so in two days, at precisely 10AM Pacific Time or 1PM Eastern, through its online store at $36 for a case of a dozen cans.

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