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CTRL goes even further into functional food in a protein cookie loaded with chocolate chunks

Ctrl Protein Cookie

CTRL started with its original meal replacement for gamers, providing a quick and efficient way to get in a balanced blend of macros in the format of a deliciously enjoyable shake. Meal replacement is not the common category to target gamers with, but it is the path CTRL took and did so successfully. The brand has continued down that path of convenient nutrition, introducing a tasty protein bar, and now it has a protein cookie.

CTRL Protein Cookie is exactly what it sounds like, a soft and crumbly circular cookie; however, as per the name, it is packed full of protein at 15g a piece from multiple sources of protein in collagen, milk concentrate, and whey concentrate. It does come with a fair amount of carbohydrates compared to the protein count at 28g, 13g of that is sugar and a gram of fiber, and 12g of fat, resulting in 280 calories, in line with an Outright Bar.

Ctrl Protein Cookie

As mentioned, CTRL’s all-new and second functional food, the simply named Protein Cookie, is a soft and crumbly cookie available in the one traditional taste to start with Chocolate Chunk. That name couldn’t be any more on point, as it comes loaded with chunks of delicious chocolate, which should deliver a tasty, realistic chocolate chip cookie-like experience.

The Protein Cookie from CTRL is available starting this week, although it’s not something you’re going to find in its own online store at, alongside its recently revamped meal replacement and protein bar. The high-protein and chocolate chunk-filled cookie is currently exclusive to the sports nutrition retail giant GNC, where a box of a dozen of CTRL Protein Cookies will cost you $39.99, working out to $3.33 each.

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