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Ekkovision adds energy and a wider variety of focus components in its next nootropic supplement

Ekkovision Ekko Nootropic

Ekkovision already bridged into the world of nootropic supplements not too long ago with Illuminate, featuring a combination of enXtra, Zynamite, premium CognatiQ, rhodiola, and bacopa, all, of course, at solid dosages. Interestingly there wasn’t any caffeine in that one, which isn’t uncommon in the category of dedicated focus products, although that is going to be the case in the brand’s all-new and upcoming EKKO Nootropic.

EKKO Nootropic is launching sometime in the near future at a reasonable $44.99, and that is for a bottle of 50 servings, far more than the usual 30. You can double serve to get twice the dosages of the Ekkovision energy and focus formula; however, at the single serving amount, you won’t be disappointed. Ekkovision has maintained a nice level of effectiveness at one serving, with plenty to improve study, productivity, gaming, and more.

Ekkovision Ekko Nootropic Label

We’ve got the formula behind the upcoming EKKO Nootropic above, and as you can see, Ekkovision has squeezed in a lot. In that maximum double serving of ten capsules, you get 2g of tyrosine, 600mg each of alpha-GPC and rhodiola, 200mg of CognatiQ, double what you see in most supplements, a gram of lion’s mane, 100mg of saffron, and as mentioned, there is caffeine in this one, at a combined total of around 260mg from two sources.

There are some clear similarities between EKKO Nootropic and the original Illuminate, including the use of rhodiola and CognatiQ, and there is a reason for that. The fast-moving Ekkovision’s latest creation is indeed replacing Illuminate, and it is a more well-rounded upgrade. The infusion of caffeine adds an energizing angle to EKKO Nootropic, and there is a wider variety of focus and cognition components for a stronger overall experience.