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Pre-workout specialist Ekkovision expands into nootropics and relies on enXtra, Zynamite and CognatiQ

Ekkovision Illuminate

Ekkovision has rolled out its next round of supplements, including a pump-powering formula in capsule format named Exhilarate, and sequels to its packed-out pre-workouts Satori and Formula 2.1. There is one other product the promising newcomer has snuck out in its latest launch, and like Exhilarate, it comes in capsules but for a very different sports nutrition category.

Illuminate is Ekkovision’s entry into the nootropic space, bringing together a reasonably short, although effective selection of ingredients to support energy, focus, and cognition. Interestingly, the pre-workout specialist has decided to make its first dedicated focus supplement without caffeine, but as mentioned, it still aims to support energy thanks to the inclusion of two premium components.

Ekkovision Illuminate Label

The formula behind Ekkovision’s Illuminate includes half a gram of bacopa, a hefty 600mg of rhodiola, and the premium branded ingredients, 100mg of CognatiQ, previously Neurofactor, 200mg of Zynamite, and 300mg of enXtra. It is the Zynamite and enXtra that are promoted as caffeine alternatives, known for their ability to improve and enhance energy without any caffeine.

Illuminate has a regular price of $43.99 directly through Ekkovision’s online store, and that is for a bottle of 50 servings, which makes for great value, as if you work out the cost on just 30 servings, it comes to $26. The brand is running a sale this week for Black Friday, where if you through in a coupon like “ENTTY8”, Illuminate drops down to a very competitive $35.69.