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Ongoing banana and limited nutty chocolate flavors come to Fireball Labz’ whey protein powder

Fireball Labz Banana And Nutty Chocolate Fireball Whey

Fireball Labz didn’t have that many flavors available for its one and only protein powder Fireball Whey, all relatively traditional tastes in Gluttony, a double chocolate option, the creamy vanilla custard recipe Wrath, and the fruity strawberry whip experience, Lust. In the last week of the month, with July officially kicking off tomorrow, the brand has bumped up the menu to five, although only one is an ongoing flavor.

There is now a second chocolaty option available for Fireball Labz whey-based protein powder Fireball Whey in the chocolate and nut-themed flavor named Limited Edition, which is indeed only around for a limited time. The other extension the brand has put together for the supplement is an ongoing one like Gluttony, Wrath, and Lust, and it continues the naming style in Envy, featuring a banana cream pie taste.

You can get Fireball Labz’ latest drops straight from its website, where you’ll pay £52.99 (66.88 USD) for a large 2kg or 4.4lb bag of Fireball Whey protein powder and keep in mind the nutty chocolate flavor is only around for a limited time, so you’ll want to get in sooner rather than later.