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G Fuel creates a cactus lime flavor of its signature supplement with Genshin Impact

G Fuel X Genshin Impact Travelers Ale

As is the case almost every week, gaming brand G Fuel has announced an all-new special edition flavor to start the month of June, and like many of the flavors it puts together these days, it is a collaboration. The other side of the gaming specialist’s latest partnership is fittingly a video game in the popular open-world role-playing game Genshin Impact, available on major platforms like PC and Playstation, as well as iOS and Android.

Becoming available shortly, although unfortunately not shipping out to fans until somewhere in September — which is three months away — is G Fuel and Genshin Impact’s Traveler’s Ale for the brand’s self-titled energy and focus supplement. G Fuel has provided a description of what exactly Traveler’s Ale tastes like in a sweet cactus lime, and it’s coming in single tubs as well as a Collector’s Box with a premium stainless steel shaker.

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