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Heavy Nation puts golden tickets in 1 out of 10 tubs which win you a full-size supplement

Heavy Nation Golden Ticket Promotion

Heavy Nation in South Africa recently rolled out a new look across all of its key sports nutrition products, including Jack Hammer, Muscle Juice, and Vaso Junky, as well as introduced its completely new, more premium pre-workout offering, Mega Dosed. There is an intriguing feature tucked into Heavy Nation’s rebrand that gives back to its loyal fans and followers by way of a free full-size supplement, although there is some luck involved.

Underneath the lids of one in ten Heavy Nation products is a golden ticket, and on that ticket is a special code. If you are one of the lucky individuals to grab a unit and find a golden ticket, you simply email the corresponding code to the brand, and you get your choice of supplement. The freebie can be any Heavy Nation product, regardless of what you purchased to get the golden ticket, whether it’s Jack Hammer or the pricier Mega Dosed.

These types of promotions are always fun to see, especially from young and growing sports nutrition companies like South Africa’s Heavy Nation. The golden ticket giveaway is as simple as it sounds, find one under a lid, and you get a free full-size supplement, so if you are a fan of the brand in the country, be on the lookout the next time you stock up and crack open a bottle.

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