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Innovative Immi expands its protein ramen noodle lineup for a third time in four weeks

Immi Roasted Pork Tonkotsu

Innovative functional food company Immi, which took traditional ramen noodle soup and turned it into a protein-packed, lower-carbohydrate, better-for-you food, has clearly been busy in the kitchen. About a month ago, we saw the brand add its first flavor extension to its flagship product, protein ramen noodle soup, where the originals, Black Garlic Chicken, Spicy Beef, and Tom Yum Shrimp, were joined by Spicy Red Miso, and since then, it’s dropped another in Creamy Chicken.

As mentioned, Immi has definitely been in the kitchen cooking up some new experiences, as to continue the excitement, one more all-new taste has been introduced, making it three additions in a month. Going alongside the other five highlighted above is Roasted “Pork” Tonkotsu, and like the other flavors, despite there being a meat in the name, there isn’t actually any in the food itself, as it is entirely plant-based, with main ingredients like pumpkin seed protein and wheat gluten.

The macros on Immi’s latest creation are as good as its other delicious flavors, backed by a solid 21g of protein per serving and only 6g of net carbohydrates; very different from traditional ramen noodle soup. If you’d like to give the high-protein Roasted “Pork” Tonkotsu a try and experience its hints of garlic, shallots, and sesame, it is available now through the brand’s online store at $39 for a pack of six, $6.50 each, or grab 12 for a slightly better $72, working out to a saving of 50 cents each.

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