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Reputable pre-workout formulator Inspired previews its upcoming DVST8 Dark

Inspired Dvst8 Dark

The first thing that really put Inspired Nutraceuticals on the map was its powerhouse pre-workout DVST8, which was a beast right out of the gate, and really only got better as the years went on. The reputable company has won our prestigious Brand Of The Year award, and not only has it held the number one spot on our list of top five pre-workouts several times with different versions of DVST8, it still has it today with DVST8 Of The Union.

With such a strong presence in the pre-workout category for such a long time, Inspired Nutraceuticals is at the point where anytime it does something new in the space, it is most definitely worth checking out. With all of that in mind, the reputable supplement company has announced that it is getting ready to release the next evolution of DVST8, the first powerhouse competitor since DVST8 Of The Union, with the promising DVST8 Dark.

Inspired Nutraceuticals has not shared the formula behind its upcoming pre-workout DVST8 Dark, but as mentioned, with so much history in the category and a proven track record, it’s almost a guarantee it’ll be something you need to get your hands on. The only detail we have regarding the contents of the product is its tub weight of 416g, working out to a reasonably spacious 20g a piece if there are 20 maximum servings a tub.

The complete combination of ingredients and dosages behind Inspired Nutraceuticals’ latest and undoubtedly effective DVST8 Dark is going to be revealed next week, with the official launch and availability not too far behind that. When it comes to flavors, there will be four to choose from, including Inspired ambassador Kayla Rossi’s signature and limited edition Killaid, with the other three being Blue Dream, Forbidden Fruit, and Malibu Breeze.

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