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Chiefs uniquely blends Lemon Ice Tea and its milkshake-like protein beverage

Lemon Ice Tea Chiefs Protein Drink

Swiss functional powerhouse Chiefs released a limited edition flavor about a year ago, just in time for summer, for its drinkable, on-the-go protein solution in the delicious bottled beverage Chiefs Protein Drink. That flavor was a rather intriguing taste for a premixed protein shake in Lemon Cheesecake; now this year, the brand is back doing the same sort of thing again, revealing and releasing a similarly citrus creation for the delicious Protein Drink, although with an intriguing twist.

As Switzerland moves into summer, Chiefs is rolling out a Lemon Ice Tea flavor of the Chiefs Protein Drink, and like last year’s Lemon Cheesecake, this one is also only around for a limited time. The product is said to taste just as it sounds, with a classic lemon ice tea flavor combined with the protein RTD’s milkshake-like base. The macros in the Lemon Ice Tea Protein Drink are on par with the beverage’s other options, providing 25g of protein, 8.7g of carbohydrates, 3.6g of fat, and 169 calories.

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