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Liquid IV teases what it promises to be its biggest launch in the brand’s history

Liquid Iv Teases A Sugar Free Version

In a little more than one week, Liquid IV is launching what it is referring to as its biggest launch ever, which is a bold statement to make with the success the stick pack supplement company has gone through. The brand is not letting anything slip for now, only offering up vague comments like that one mentioned, the teaser image seen above, and, interestingly, a playlist of over 20 songs on Spotify under the profile Liquid I.V.

With not a whole lot of concrete information to go off of but plenty of clues and hints, we are relatively confident we know what Liquid I.V. has up its sleeve. On that Spotify playlist, the supplement company has songs like No Sugar by Adelaine Morin, Candyman by Christina Aguilera, Eye Candy by Josh Turner, and two songs conveniently placed one after another in Sugar by Maren Morris and Free by Zac Brown Band.

If we had to take a guess, and we’re feeling pretty confident in this, we think Liquid IV’s next release, and apparently its biggest launch ever, is going to be a zero-sugar version of its signature hydration supplement, Hydration Multiplier. With that entire playlist clearly centered around and obsessed with sweet sugar, it’s either a higher sugar product or an exaggeration relating to the opposite, with a lower sugar or no sugar spin-off.

Liquid IV is planning to drop or at least announce its seemingly zero sugar Hydration Multiplier or whatever other mysterious item it could be, next week on Thursday the 15th. It’ll be an interesting reveal and release, mostly again, due to that statement of this being the brand’s biggest launch ever.