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‘Merica Labz promising high-powered Z Bomb pre-workout is finally releasing in two weeks

Merica Labz Preparing To Launch Z Bomb

‘Merica Labz, the most ‘Merican supplement company on the market, is back this month with some good news for fans after word broke about two months ago that the brand’s energy drink ‘Merica Energy, was being discontinued. For the past week ‘Merica Labz has been teasing a new zombie-themed release, and as of yesterday, the brand has shared it relates to the debut of its all-new and long-awaited stimulant pre-workout called Z Bomb.

‘Merica Labz hasn’t revealed anything specific about the formula for the new apocalyptic Z Bomb pre-workout, such as ingredients and dosages; what we do know on that side is it’ll have an almost 20g serving size, tipping the scales at 19.1g and it will involve a good amount of stimulants. Alongside that reasonable amount of room for a powerhouse formula, we can confirm there are going to be three flavors, the first of which is Blood Orange.

The launch date for the Z Bomb pre-workout is Independence Day, the 4th Of July, an occasion ‘Merica Labz has gone big with announcements and launches many times before. When we get more information on the supplement, we’ll be sure to share it, but it’ll definitely be one to watch out for. The brand has gradually become more of a pre-workout specialist over the last year or two, and it certainly knows how to put together a powerful pre-workout.