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Kiwi Strawberry gives Muscle Nation’s Protein Water its first new flavor since hitting the market

Muscle Nation Kiwi Strawberry Protein Water

Protein Water is Muscle Nation in Australia’s approach to the refreshing, fruit-flavored protein powder trend, although instead of using premium whey isolate as its main source, the supplement relies primarily on collagen and whey isolate. Alongside the lean and high-protein nutrition profile, the ever-expanding brand has a variety of electrolytes to support and improve hydration, making it somewhat of a unique and alternative entry into the long-running clear and refreshing protein powder trend.

The reason we’ve got Muscle Nation and its protein powder Protein Water in the news today is that it has another taste to choose from to go alongside its previous two in the original Raspberry and much more recent Mango Passionfruit. Keeping the supplement’s fruity theme alive is another two-part taste, similar to Mango Passionfruit in Kiwi Strawberry, still packing 23.6g of protein a serving, around 2g of carbohydrates, low calories, and it is exclusive to Australia’s major supermarket Coles.