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MuscleBlaze makes a double-sized Pre-Workout 200 Xtreme to save you about 9%

Muscleblaze 30 Serving Pre Workout 200 Xtreme

MuscleBlaze in India has taken one of its pre-workouts, the simpler, more straightforward Pre-Workout 200 Xtreme, and given it a better value option. The supplement itself, as mentioned, isn’t overly complex, featuring very common ingredients at mostly respectable dosages. Every serving comes with a blend of B vitamins, 3g of citrulline malate, 2g of beta-alanine, and 200mg each of caffeine and theanine, leaving room to double serve for a better 6g of citrulline and stronger 400mg of caffeine.

Previously, MuscleBlaze had only one size available for Pre-Workout 200 Xtreme in a small tub of 15 servings, which works out to just seven and a half if you double up for those more effective dosages. The brand has now put together a double-sized alternative with the same exact formula but with twice the servings at 30. The original 15 serving carries a cost of ₹549 (6.70 USD), while the new addition to the family is ₹999 (12.19 USD), working out to a small saving, but a saving nonetheless of 9%.

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