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Myoband lowers the caffeine for its cycling pre-workout Hotshot Reload

Myoband Hotshot Reload

Myoband competes in the pre-workout category with a supplement named Hotshot, featuring several commonly used ingredients at reasonable dosages in its two-scoop serving, with the likes of beta-alanine at 3.5g, citrulline malate at 3g, and caffeine at a strong 350mg. The UK-based company has introduced a second pre-workout that is similar, called Hotshot Reload, and it is being positioned rather uniquely.

Myoband’s Hotshot Reload pre-workout has been created for fans of Hotshot to cycle onto for a month at a time. The brand is encouraging users that rely on a pre-workout for all or almost all of their workouts to use Hotshot for one month, then Reload for a month. The idea behind it is the newly released Hotshot Reload is less stimulant intensive, giving your body a break from the uplifting ingredients so that once you jump back on Hotshot, it hits harder, or at least closer to your initial experience with the product.

  • 3g of beta-alanine
  • 2g of citrulline malate (2:1)
  • 2.4g of arginine AKG
  • 500mg of glycerol
  • 500mg of sodium bicarbonate
  • 250mg of caffeine anhydrous

We’ve got the complete list of ingredients and dosages powering Myoband’s cycling off pre-workout Hotshot Reload above, with the likes of performance-supporting and pump-powering beta-alanine and citrulline malate at similar amounts to Hotshot of 3g and 2.9g, respectively, and about 30% lower caffeine at 250mg. There is also 2.4g of arginine AKG and an incredibly light dose of glycerol at half a gram per serving.

As mentioned, Hotshot Reload is essentially a lighter pre-workout from Myoband, with a lot less caffeine than Hotshot, no ginseng, guarana, or 5-HTP, again, with the idea being that it helps cycle you off the tolerance-building experience of Hotshot. Due to its simpler formula, Reload doesn’t cost as much as Hotshot per tub at £12.99 (16.49 USD) for a tub of 30 servings, and that’s 30 full servings in your choice of three fruit flavors with Strawberry & Watermelon, Cola Kube, and Lemon Lime.1