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Summer brings an intriguing cocktail-inspired flavor to Nuts ‘N More’s protein peanut butter

Nuts N More Peanut Colada

There are quite a few functional nut butter brands out there in this day and age, although one of the first to get into the game was Nuts ‘N More, and it has maintained a prominent position and reputation throughout the years. The long-running company makes delicious protein-packed nut butter, thanks to its infusion of high-quality whey isolate, and not only does it have a variety of flavors, it uses different types of nuts, including the classic peanut, almond, and the rarely relied-on hazelnut.

When we say Nuts ‘N More has dropped a whole bunch of flavors in its time in the industry, we don’t mean that lightly, as it has indeed pumped out a lengthy list of extensions. The functional food brand is at it again this month, although its latest creation is one of the most intriguing it’s done in some time. Nuts ‘N More has gone with a bit of cocktail inspiration, introducing a unique Peanut Colada flavor of protein peanut butter, inspired, of course, by the fruity coconut cocktail Pina Colada.

Nuts ‘N More’s Peanut Colada peanut butter has arrived just in time for summer, and like the bright, hot, and sunny season, the coconut-infused experience is only around for a limited time. You can grab it now through the brand’s official online store at $13.29 for a typical 1lb jar. The nutrition profile of the product is about the same as Nuts ‘N More’s other protein-packed peanut butters with 8g of protein in a 33g serving alongside 12g of carbohydrates, 6g of that sugar, 13g of fat, and 190 calories.