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Pure Pre 200 pre-workout shot gets its first flavor extension since coming to market

Optimum Nutrition Cola Crush Pure Pre 200

If you weren’t aware, established sports nutrition companies change up their offerings around the world with different sets of products for different countries, including the likes of Optimum Nutrition. The legacy brand known for its legendary protein powder, Gold Standard 100% Whey, has that in the likes of Australia, with one of those supplements you’ll only find in that region being the compact and convenient Pure Pre 200.

Pure Pre 200 is Optimum Nutrition’s well-rounded pre-workout in a 60ml shot featuring a simple set of ingredients and dosages with 2g of arginine AKG, another 2g of performance-supporting beta-alanine, and 200mg of caffeine for energy. Again, the product is relatively simple and straightforward, and now beginning this week, there is a third flavor to choose from, its first flavor extension, in fact, since it made its debut.

Optimum Nutrition in Australia and New Zealand launched its pre-workout shot Pure Pre 200 in Orange and Berry options, while flavor number three is quite a bit different from all of that in Cola Crush. According to the brand, the Cola Crush Pure Pre 200 is already rolling out to stores across the market, meaning fans should be seeing it at their preferred supplement retailer soon, if not already.