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Optimum launches a shot-style pre-workout in Australia and New Zealand

optimum nutrition pure pre 200

Optimum Nutrition is no stranger to making supplements exclusively for a particular region, in fact, it’s something the legacy company does quite a bit. Over in the UK and Europe, there is the delicious and marshmallow-like Optimum Protein Bar; then, in Australia, you have the tasty Protein Choc Coated Nuts in four nut variants.

Fans of Optimum Nutrition down under in Australia and New Zealand, now have another product that’s exclusive to them that has only just hit the market with Pure Pre 200. The new supplement is a pre-workout, however, instead of coming in your usual powder form, Optimum Nutrition’s Pure Pre 200 comes in a compact 60ml liquid shot.

The Australia and New Zealand exclusive product is powered by three main ingredients, including 2g of arginine AKG, 2g of the performance booster beta-alanine, and for increased energy, 200mg of caffeine. The convenient, on-the-go pre-workout has absolutely no carbohydrates or calories in either of its two flavors, Berry and Orange.

There are already a few supplement retailers in both Australia and New Zealand listing Optimum Nutrition’s Pure Pre 200, although not all of them have it in stock. Some of the places with the product available are Australia’s Tassie Supps, where you can grab Pure Pre 200 individually and in boxes of 12, and Sprint Fit in New Zealand.