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Refreshing but limited Pink Lemonade flavor coming to Ghost Greens for the summer

Pink Lemonade Ghost Greens

The original lifestyle company Ghost has been pumping out new flavors left and right this year, with the most recent being the exciting extension of its partnership with Nutter Butter, in a second authentic collaboration with Chocolate Nutter Butter. This week the consistency continues, as Ghost has announced the impending arrival of a completely new flavor for its superfood supplement Ghost Greens, but there is a catch on this one.

The latest flavor of Ghost Greens is the classic and sweet Pink Lemonade, the perfect follow-up to the return of Iced Tea Lemonade two months ago, although Pink Lemonade is only going to be around for a limited time. Basically, the refreshing Pink Lemonade Ghost Greens will only be around for the sunny summer season, so be sure to grab the flavor when it launches in Ghost Lifestyle’s online store at noon Central Time on June 28th.