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RAZE puts a much lower 80mg of caffeine in its non-carbonated black tea energy drink

Raze Officially Announces Raze Tea Series

A few months back, sports nutrition and beverage brand RAZE announced a spin-off product, an extension to its hugely popular and two-time Clash Of The Cans champion, RAZE Energy. The product is called RAZE Tea, and it is made up of four different flavors of an alternative RAZE energy drink that is not carbonated like the delicious original, features a black tea-powered formula, and it still has absolutely zero sugar and calories.

Like the RAZE Energy drink, RAZE Tea will have its fair share of additional functional ingredients, including half a gram of EAAs, electrolytes to support hydration, B vitamins, and a total of 80mg of caffeine, a nice alternative to the 300mg in the flagship beverage. The brand is looking to make its entire RAZE Tea family available this coming Monday with four flavors in Sweet Tea, Half & Half Lemonade, Green Tea, and White Peach.

One last interesting detail that’s well worth knowing about for RAZE’s non-carbonated, black tea-based RAZE Tea is where you’re going to be able to get your hands on this as it’s not its own online store nor is it any of the usual sports nutrition retailers. The brand is launching the product exclusively at the variety store chain giant Dollar General, and of course, through there, the alternative RAZE energy drink will only be $1 a can.

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