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Fresh bases its first limited time taste on the classic cherry, lime and blue raspberry Bomb Pop

Rocket Pop Fresh Pre

Newcomer Fresh Supplements recently teased what is going to be its first-ever special edition, limited-time flavor for one of its two products, either the balanced and stimulant-powered pre-workout Fresh Pre or the EAA cocktail Fresh Amino. The brand has already added to the menu of its pre-workout since it came to market with Lemon Italian Ice and Juicy Peach, although those two are both options that’ll be sticking around.

Today, Fresh Supplements has taken the covers off its previously mysterious limited-edition flavor roughly three weeks before Independence Day, which is what the product is themed around. Fitting for the occasion, the brand has turned the classic cherry, lime, and blue raspberry popsicle Bomb Pop into a flavor of Fresh Pre. The experience is said to feel like freedom, and as for the name of the temporary flavor, it’s Rocket Pop.

Fans of Fresh Supplements won’t be able to get their hands on Rocket Pop Fresh Pre before the 4th Of July, as the brand intends on launching it that day at the pre-workout’s usual price of $49.99 over at