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Strawberry Squeeze on the way as well as Peach Cooler for the growing RYSE Fuel energy drink

Strawberry Squeeze Ryse Fuel

It was only a last week we got confirmation on the next new flavor of RYSE’s energy and focus-enhancing beverage RYSE Fuel, which is going to be its eighth taste and third flavor extension since the flavorful energy drink came to market. Refreshing Peach Cooler is the upcoming option for RYSE Fuel, and while that is plenty to be excited about, the brand has come out and surprised fans, announcing another addition to the product’s menu.

Also on the way from RYSE for its enjoyable energy drink is Strawberry Squeeze, featuring a rather sweet combination of tastes with a blend of strawberry and citrusy lemon. Being a flavor extension, Strawberry Squeeze RYSE Fuel will, of course, have all of the same key highlights as the rest of its options. That includes zero sugar, carbohydrates, and calories, 500mg of taurine, half a gram of choline for focus, and 200mg of natural caffeine.

Another interesting feature of RYSE’s tenth taste of RYSE Fuel is that you won’t be seeing this flavor everywhere, as it has been confirmed Strawberry Squeeze will indeed be an exclusive to the major sports nutrition retailer The Vitamin Shoppe. The product is expected to be rolling in stores and hitting coolers shortly, and one more point, when Peach Cooler and Strawberry Squeeze eventually arrive, that’ll double the size of RYSE Fuel’s menu in its impressive first year in the competitive category.